What you need to know about diamond grade?

A diamond is equivalent to a prism. It can divide the light into a colorful light and reflect these lights to form colorful flashes. Just like we look through colored glasses, the color of the diamond will act as a filter. Thereby reducing the escape of reflected light. The lighter the color of the diamond, the stronger the color of the sparkle, and the higher the color level.

Most of the gem-quality diamonds belong to the colorless-light yellow series. When reviewing the color of diamonds, compare the certified diamonds with a set of internationally accepted standard colorimetric stones. The color of standard colorimetric stones is classified in order from colorless D (highest level) to yellow Z level. Listed. Diamonds have other colors, such as: brown, orange, pink, blue and so on. Among them, the most vividly colored diamonds are rated as deep and intense colors in the diamond certification report of IGI and are called fancy diamonds “Fancy”. The lighter the color of the diamond, the closer it is to colorless, the higher the value, and the price is correspondingly high, a little color will weaken the brightness of the diamond.

Class D: Complete and colorless. The highest color grade, extremely rare.

Grade E: Colorless. Only as long as the gem certification expert can detect the trace color. It is a very rare diamond.

F grade: colorless. A small amount of color as long as the jewelry expert can detect it, but it is still considered to be colorless. Belongs to high-quality diamonds.

G-H level: close to colorless. When compared with higher-color diamonds, there are subtle colors. But diamonds of this color class still have a high value.

I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect subtle colors. The value is higher.

K-M level: The color is darker and the fire color is poor, so the wedding diamond ring net is not provided, and customers are advised not to use it.

N-Z level: The color is darker and the fire color is poor, so the wedding diamond ring net is not provided, and customers are advised not to use it.

The cut is too shallow: the light escapes from the bottom and the brightness of the diamond is impaired.

Cutting is too deep: the light easily escapes from the pavilion, and the brightness of the diamond is thereby impaired, losing its luster and becoming dull.

Which color level is the best?

Regarding the purchase of diamonds with high value and a color that cannot be seen with the naked eye, you can buy diamonds with a color grade of G-I that is close to colorless and a fluorescence grade of intermediate or blue-white.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to compromise on the color but don’t want to exceed your budget, you can choose a diamond with a good cut, clarity of S11—S12 and intensity of fluorescence. From the naked eye, it is not in the slightest. Inferior. It is possible that you are more fond of the co-effects invented by fluorescence.

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