Jewelry factory custom boucheron quatre classique ring in 18k gold ,small model

Jewelry factory custom boucheron quatre classique ring in 18k gold ,small model

Boucheron is a French jewelry brand founded in 1858. Everyone knows that France has always been called the romantic capital, and the jewelry produced in the romantic capital will definitely have its unique romance. Many consumers are very concerned about the brand of the ring and the style of the ring when buying a ring, because for a person who is about to enter the palace of marriage, the ring is an item that represents beauty and happiness.

Some friends who know Boucheron will certainly express emotion, Boucheron ring is too expensive! But why is Boucheron ring so expensive? In fact, what you pay for what you pay for is a very well-founded sentence until now. Boucheron research and production of diamonds began in the 19th century. It is also the first brand to apply diamonds to jewelry design, and Boucheron diamond cutting technology is also very powerful, and it has a very large international influence.

Boucheron is still an international top jewellery brand, so the blessing of the brand, coupled with the craftsmanship, has resulted in Boucheron rings being very expensive. The price of Boucheron rings is basically around 5000usd, and the price of some popular styles of rings is higher at around 8000usd. Boucheron is very popular in the celebrity circle, and many celebrities have worn Boucheron.

Let’s take a look at this ring in detail:boucheron quatre classique ring

Ref :JRG0029018K yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

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