Jewelry factory customized Piaget Possession Diamonds Band Ring in 18k Rose Gold.

Jewelry factory customized Piaget Possession Diamonds Band Ring in 18k Rose Gold.

Metal: 18k rose gold
Diamonds: 74 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.53 ct)
Band width: 8 mm

The Swiss jewelry brand Piaget has been inspired by the patented ring of the active rotating inner wheel since 1990. Since then, the Possession series has become a personal lucky charm for self-confident women, and it is a classic representative of the brand statement “Sunny Side of Life”.

Piaget Possession series 48 mm ring is well known, Piaget started by making watches, but Piaget’s jewelry has a relatively high standard in terms of design and craftsmanship. This pair of rings is relatively small, but it is absolutely low-key luxury. After all, Connotation is full of diamonds. If you don’t like popular brand styles and the budget is relatively loose, you can consider this pair.

The Piaget series has a wide version (4.8 mm) and a narrow version (4.5 mm). My pair is a wide version of 48 mm. I like this pair of rings at a glance. The double ring design, the most favorite is the inner The rings can be rotated arbitrarily, surrounded by each other, and outline the eternal rhythm of birth. The single-row diamonds pave the path of true love and lasting love. Bright and dazzling, promise to love the world of two people more than Jin Jian, release precious brilliance, promise to remain unswerving in this life, and also imply that the time comes, so start decisively! The female model is studded with 37 round diamonds, about 0.56 carats.

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