Jewelry factory custom Chaumet 18K Gold JOSÉPHINE AUBE PRINTANIÈRE RING Paved Diamonds


Joséphine Aigrette Impériale ring in platinum, set with a pear-shaped diamond from 5 carats and brilliant-cut diamonds.Combining sophistication and delicacy, majesty and gracefulness, this exceptional solitaire makes the stones scintillatingly sparkle around the pear-cut diamond.

Brilliant-cut diamonds
1 pear-shaped F/VS + diamond, from 5 carats onwards
Color D-E-F, clarity from IF to VS, cut “excellent” or “very good”, fluorescence “none” or “faint”
Conform to the Kimberley process
The weight of the metals, the carats, type and origin of stones may vary from one piece to another

The long-awaited event happened. The French jewelry brand Chaumet Paris CHAUMET recently launched a new series of Joséphine Josephine works. This new work uses a variety of gem materials, so that the work has rich color meaning and matching inspiration. Observe carefully. It can be found that it is full of modern classical aesthetics, of course, this also means that you can stack and wear different styles as you like, and always create your own CHAUMET queen fan.

Every girl has a queen dream. The queen is born out of love, using classics and creative fusion. The new Joséphine series works are very in line with the “Queen’s heart, modern type” pursued by women in the new era, which means that it will accompany you Through every beautiful moment of every day.

   Joséphine Aigrette Impériale diamond tiara headdress, coupled with rare Colombian emeralds, combined with European wing creations, has become a popular jewellery.

   It is not difficult to find that this design, the designer of Chaumet jewelry carefully injects elegant fashion taste and love for natural life, which makes CHAUMET Joséphine high-end jewelry series show the yearning and love for Queen Josephine, the muse.

   It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian actress Salma Abu Deif, endorsed the portrait, wearing CHAUMET’s new Joséphine Josephine series of works, the egret bracelet freezes the brilliance of the wrist, and the classic diamond tiara ring expresses the aesthetics of stacking.
  The new Joséphine series works focus on unlocking multiple styles with color art, and luck means giving emotional connotation. Pink quartz stone represents stability and tranquility, and black spinel symbolizes power, showing modern fashion.
   has a high degree of discrimination, simple lines, Joséphine Josephine series works not only have perceptual aesthetics, but also reflect the current women’s love for themselves, like Shangmei, crowning themselves as queens. Deliver the moving promise of “Crown for love, crown you forever”.
Chaumet is an international luxury brand with a certain reputation in the world. Its diamond ring styles are also very rich and distinctive. It has several representative styles. You can see that it is Chaumet brand by looking at the styles. In terms of quality, it is also more reliable, after all, it is an international luxury brand.

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