Custom Bvlgari Diva’ Deram Necklace In 18kt Yellow Gold Set With Malachite And Diamonds

Custom Bvlgari Diva’ Deram Necklace In 18kt Yellow Gold And Paved Diamonds.

DIVAS’ DREAM 18 kt yellow gold necklace with malachite inserts, one round brilliant-cut diamond (0.10) and pavé diamonds (0.18).

Ref.: 358127

Stone: Diamonds, Malachite

Resizable: Resizable

Material​: Yellow gold

Diamonds (Carats): 0.28

Color​: Green

If you are still wondering which necklace to choose, you will never forget this Bulgari DIVA necklace, whether it is a celebrity or an ordinary person. If you wear it around your neck, you will find that it has an elegant atmosphere that makes people reluctant to remove their eyes from you.

In me, diamonds are eternal representatives,bulgari’s DIVA necklace is not only the incarnation of art but also the incarnation of elegance. The smart and elegant shape of the small skirt shows the full femininity of women. I guess this is the reason that countless men are fascinated by you.
Bulgari DIVA series necklaces are very noble and elegant. We all dreamed of being the most noble and elegant princess in the castle in ancient times, wearing beautiful princess dresses and traveling through the various rooms of the castle. Bulgari DIVA necklace is best at icing on the cake. The elegant Bulgari necklace is worn in the noble princess dress, and self-confidence emerges spontaneously.
Bulgari DIVA necklace adopts innovative forms to create the aesthetic trend of new Shida women. It can be seen that it shows strong design strength in the use of colored gemstones.
White mother-of-pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and other highly saturated colored gemstones have been widely used in Bulgari jewelry. The use of real 18k gold custom-made luxury jewelry makes beauty appear in our lives.

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