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We are an online store of designer jewelry manufacturer. Here you can enjoy the quality service of custom jewelry.
We have many physical stores in China, and at the same time we are a product supplier for many online shops. We not only have our own brand jewellery, but also custom luxury jewellery. Here you can spend less money to buy better quality products, face-to-face with jewelry manufacturers directly, reduce the profits earned by middlemen, to ensure your rights. Of course, in order to better serve consumers from all countries, we also hope that more high-quality partners can cooperate with us.
Here, as a design jewelry manufacturer, we only provide real 18k gold jewelry customization, using real high-quality diamonds, and providing 1:1 original jewelry custom. We have many years of diamond jewelry custom experience. Each piece is a fine product. Friends who like it can Come to consult us.

Every product displayed on the website is actually taken after we customize it and cannot be reposted for other commercial purposes. We have a professional designer team with the latest jewelry customization technology, and we have advantages in quality and price. We adhere to the principle of service and quality first, and customers are God. The logistics department of our factory has a large number of people, which can handle freight and delivery efficiently and safely, ensuring that you get your beloved jewelry in the first time.